Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we recieve at Peek-A-Pet Lodging. If there is a question you have that is not answered on this site feel free to call us at 262-642-3605.

If your question has not been answered please feel free to reach out to us at 262.624.3605

Frequently Asked


What are the requirements for boarding my pet?

Pets that come to the lodge socialize together. We require that dogs 8 months and over in age be spayed/neutered. We also require four types of vaccines: Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies and Canine Influenza. We require all vaccine records be faxed from your vet before you check-in at the lodge.


Are you able to groom my dog while during their lodging?

Yes, We are able to do some light grooming before check-out. We can do basic bathing, brush outs, nail trims, ear cleaning, and some light trimming. All grooming will be an extra charge added to your lodging bill.


My dog does not like other dogs, can they still board there?

Yes, but they must not be aggressive towards our staff. Dogs that show aggression towards people cannot board for the safety of our staff. Dogs that are not social with other dogs, or would rather be alone are allowed to be boarded with an extra charge. Do not worry, your dog will get exercise and one-on-one time with the staff.


Is there staff at the lodge outside drop-off and pick-up times?

Staff is here 24/7, even outside drop-off and pick-up times. We do not accept drop-offs and pick-ups outside the scheduled times because this process requires a different staff member trained to check-in/out pets. If you need to check-in/out on nonscheduled pick-up or drop-off times an extra $40 fee will be added to your bill.


My dog is on medication, is that ok?

Yes, our staff members are trained to give any medications from pills to injections. Please bring all medication they receive at check-in. It is required that ALL medication come in the original pill bottles with instructions from the veterinarian. Please be aware that there will only be a $1.00 extra charge for medication.

What can I bring with my pet for their stay at the lodge?

Any toys, treats, a towel or blanket will go into your pets space with them. We supply all spaces with orthopedic bed upon your approval at check-in. We do ask that all of your pet's belongings are labeled. Please do not bring your pet's food or water bowls unless they have an allergy to stainless steel as we supply the dishes. We also provide refrigeration for any food or medication that is necessary. It is required that your pet's food be in a labeled, sealed plastic container - NO PLASTIC BAGS!

How soon should I make a reservation?

Summer and holidays book up FAST so make your reservations as soon as you know the exact dates for your pet's planed vacation. If you call the day you want to check-in, we cannot guarantee that we will have available units for your pet.




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